Hi Bulls!

December’s Produce of the Month is carrots. These sweet and crunchy veggies are often associated with rabbits like Bugs Bunny. But it turns out carrots are more of a yummy sweet treat for rabbits and should only be given to them sparingly. However, for humans they are still a great staple to include in our diets!

Carrots come in a variety of colors. Orange is a classic and contains high amounts of beta carotene which is a precursor of vitamin A. Our bodies use vitamin A in a lot of ways like vision, cell division, growth, and reproduction. Yellow carrots also have plenty of vitamin A and tend to be a little sweeter than the orange ones. Purple carrots are the most interesting to see as they are less well-known than they’re bright counterparts. They get their beautiful color from phytochemicals called anthocyanins. These are powerful antioxidants which help your immune system fight off potential threats. All carrots also have other vitamins and minerals like biotin, vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium.

Due to their sweet and crunchy nature, carrots are a versatile ingredient to include in all types of recipes. They can be eaten raw with dip like hummus or ranch. They make great savory side dishes like this parmesan roasted carrot fries recipe. Or, they can be used in fantastic dessert recipes like this scrumptious vegan chocolate zucchini carrot cupcake recipe!

What’s your favorite carrot recipe? Let me know in the comments! Check out the produce of the month recipe page for more ideas.

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