National Nutrition Month® – Part 2

Hi Bulls!

National Nutrition Month® (NNM) is starting to wrap up. Before we spring forward into the end of semester and take a well-deserved Spring break, I wanted to review the next two key messages in this month’s campaign. Remember that the theme is “Personalize Your Plate.” It’s all about getting the nutrients your body needs in a way that’s tailored to what you like.

Week 3 delves into learning new skills to create tasty meals. Whether you cook for yourself at home, or eat at the dining halls on campus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there are key ideas that will help you stick to a healthy diet no matter where you dine! If you like to make meals at home, always keep certain grocery staples available. This includes whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat pasta, canned chicken in water, dry beans and legumes, and your favorite fruits and veggies in the freezer. Having these items in your pantry and fridge will really help when you’re strapped for time because of exams and you need to make a quick nutritious meal. If you’re going to go out to eat, look for the menu online before you go. Pick out a few items that sound yummy and fall within the healthy eating guidelines (at least half fruits/veggies, lean protein, unsaturated fat). If you eat out often at a few similar places, have a go to item that you know you enjoy and helps keep you on track.

The last week of the month highlights visiting a Registered Dietitian (RD). Earlier this month, I went over what a Registered Dietitian is and how they compare to someone who is not registered. RDs are highly trained professionals who have dedicated a significant amount of time to studying different areas of nutrition and dietetics. They are also nationally credentialed, and most are licensed healthcare professionals in their state. When most people think of a dietitian, they might think about someone who helps makes meal plans or tells you what to eat. In reality, a lot of us don’t like to prescribe meal plans, but would rather help people learn how to make healthy decisions for themselves. What a great way to “Personalize Your Plate”! RDs can work in a lot of different fields such as clinical, food service management, health and wellness, community nutrition, corporate positions (like Coca-Cola), media, and so much more! If you would like to schedule a meeting with me to learn how to navigate using your meal plan on campus, how to make healthier lifestyle choices, or anything food related, please reach out!

To learn more about National Nutrition Month®, please visit

Stay safe, stay healthy!


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