Blackberries: September Produce of the Month

Hi Bulls!

I hope everyone’s semester is off to a wonderful start! Now that I’m back into the swing of school mode, staying focused is crucial. Having a balanced diet plays a key role in our brain power. Blackberries are perfect for not only keeping our brain sharp, but they can also be a convenient choice as part of a snack or meal. You can easily throw them in a smoothie, or have them as part of your breakfast (“the most important meal of the day!”) in a parfait (here’s one you can try out: Yogurt Parfait | Allrecipes).

Botanically speaking, blackberries are part of the bramble family, bramble being a term used to describe a prickly and/or thorny shrub. They have several places of origin depending on the kind, from the Evergreen blackberry in the United Kingdom, to the Himalayan blackberry, oddly enough from Germany. Fun fact: the Evergreen and Himalayan are considered wild blackberries and are an invasive species in the state of Washington, due to their ability to grow like weeds. This makes it a perfect snack for any foraging person or animal friend!

Remember the saying, “Eat a rainbow!” to get the right amount of nutrients? The “rainbow” lies in the pigment of the fruit or vegetable, making it a unique color with unique benefits. The blackberry is a perfect example of this, the color being so important they decided to put it in the name! In the pigment, there are disease fighting antioxidants. There are so many antioxidants that the USDA determined they should be put on the top of the list for 50 foods with the highest antioxidant content per serving. Additionally, blackberries are high in fiber, Vitamin C & E, and even omerga-3 fatty acids, which are great for your heart.

Blackberries are extremely perishable, so be ready to eat them within a few days of purchase. Also, make sure not to wash them until right before consumption. If you are unable to eat them within 48 hours, throw them in your freezer, maybe to be used later for that tasty smoothie! For more recipe ideas, check out the blackberry recipe page. If you’d like to know more about blackberries and our other featured fruits and vegetables, visit our Produce of the Month page!

Stay safe, stay healthy!


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